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Lynne Joy Nesbit, M.S. Lynne Joy Nesbit, M.S.

Email: lynnejoy@gmail.com

Launching Wise Counsel & Comfort many years ago was the beginning of the fulfillment of a dream I'd had for many years -- to do something big to help the professional mental health community practice in a way that would offer more affordable services to low and middle-income uninsured clients.

From one counselor with three colleagues in 2000, we have grown to a thriving community of licensed professionals, (counselors, scial workers, psychologists) as well as interns working under supervision toward their license. We have been able to support other wellness professionals offer affordable services as well -- life coaches, hypnotherapists, nutrition counselors, etc.

We are all so grateful to have the privilege to serve our community and our professions in this way.

At this time, I am unable to accept new clients, but if you'd like my help in making a decision about who might best meet your needs, please give me a call in Portland at 503-282-0182, or e-mail me at: lynnejoy@gmail.com. I'm more than happy to offer guidance.

All the best,

Lynne Joy


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